Pregnancy Massage Diplomas

We’re really excited to be offering a pregnancy massage course on a monthly basis, with the next course starting on 30th October 2019.;

There’s a growing market for offering massage treatments (and beauty therapy treatments in general) to pregnant women but not everyone is trained to do it safely.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to deliver the Pregnancy Massage Diploma and use our expertise to give more people the skills to perform prenatal massage.

It’s a practical one-day course, which also includes theory elements. At the end of the training, you’ll have the practical skills and knowledge to offer pregnancy massage services to the public. You’ll also receive a comprehensive practitioner pregnancy training manual.

Massage for Pregnant Clients

Massage can have lots of benefits for expectant mothers.

As the body changes during pregnancy, it can put a strain on the ligaments and joints. Posture is also affected.

Many of the discomforts linked to pregnancy can be reduced:

  • Aches and pains can be minimised, including backaches, headaches and muscle tension
  • Body massage can release the sciatic nerve, which can compress during pregnancy and cause sciatic pain
  • Circulation can be boosted and swelling can be decreased, especially in the later stages of pregnancy
  • Fatigue can be reduced and energy levels can improve

According to studies, regular massage treatments can reduce the chance of complications during pregnancy and labour.

With a Pregnancy Massage Diploma, you’ll gain the knowledge and practical skills you need to offer prenatal massage services to pregnant clients.

With the techniques you’ll learn, you can perform relaxing, therapeutic massages in a safe and confident manner.

Some of the things that will be covered:

  • How to position clients to perform prenatal massage safely and effectively  — the side lying position in particular
  • How pregnancy affects the body and how this affects massage technique
  • How to perform a full body massage routine, including abdominals
  • Pressure points to avoid during pregnancy
  • Draping the client
  • Extra help for the client with symptoms such as cramping, sickness and oedema

You will learn about the changes that take place during pregnancy and the extra contraindications associated with prenatal massage.

We’ll also cover extra pressure point techniques that can help with some common problems associated with pregnancy such as morning sickness and muscle cramps.

This is also a side lying massage routine to add to your therapy list. You can also use this for clients who can’t have the typical Swedish massage.

Pregnancy Massage Courses With Athena Beauty Training Centre

After completing the course, you’ll gain a recognised and accredited Athena Beauty Training Centre Diploma in Pregnancy Massage.

To be accepted onto the course, you’ll need to have already gained a recognised diploma in Body Massage. 

We offer a Body Massage Diploma for anyone who hasn’t already got this under their belt!

Get in touch with us for any enquiries or questions about our courses. You can call us 0151 2036110 or send an email to Or if you prefer, you can fill in our contact form.

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