Eyelash Lift Training

We’ll be running a monthly Eyelash Lift training course from Monday 2nd December 2019. This will use Lash FX products.

It’s one of the courses we’ve got on offer at the moment — if you book soon, it’s available for the great price of £165, which includes all equipment and products on the day.

Eyelash lifts are an in-demand treatment in many salons. If you’ve been thinking about offering eyelash lifts to clients, this is the perfect chance to gain a certificate and start adding it to your treatment list!

Here’s a bit more information about our eyelash lift training and why it’s such a popular treatment to offer as a therapist:

The Benefits of Offering Eyelash Lifts to Clients

Eyelash lifts are a popular treatment for enhancing the appearance of lashes and making them appear longer and thicker.

They can volumize short or straight lashes — no need for clients to wear lashings of mascara to get a similar effect.

Eyelash lifts are also a great alternative to eyelash extensions for clients who don’t want that particular treatment.

They’re a low-maintenance way to get beautiful lashes so it’s little wonder that clients love them so much!

Eyelash lifts involve lifting the lashes with a rod and teasing them into their new shape. As a therapist, you can choose the right lash look for a client’s eye shape to create stunning lashes.

Once clients can see the results of an eyelash lift, most will return regularly to maintain the effects.

Generally, this will be every 6-8 weeks so it’s a great source of regular income once you’ve completed your training. You can charge £30-£60 per treatment, depending on the area you’re trading in.

As well as the eyelash lift, you can also choose to include an eyelash tint. This complements and enhances the overall lash look.

With our 1-day recognised and accredited training course, you can gain the skills and knowledge you’ll need to offer eyelash lifts and eyelash tints to clients in a salon setting.

Our Eyelash Lift course covers:

  • The anatomy of the eyes, hair, and skin
  • Contra-indications and understanding when it’s not appropriate to carry out an eyelash lift
  • Contra-actions
  • How and when to use particular products during treatments
  • Testing for skin sensitivities
  • How to prepare clients for an eyelash lift
  • Health and safety procedures
  • Hygiene (including sterilization and sanitation techniques)
  • Consultation procedures
  • How to select the right rod to use on clients
  • How to perform eyelash lift treatments on clients
  • Client aftercare
  • Practicing eyelash lift treatments on your model

Eyelash Lift Training With Athena Beauty Training Centre

After you’ve completed the Eyelash Lift training, you’ll gain a recognised and accredited certificate.

Our accredited intensive short courses allow you to gain your certificate in a small training group. Limited group sizes mean that all students can receive plenty of individual attention and personal tuition during the course.

Our highly-qualified therapists will help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to take your beauty therapy career to the next level. All of our courses are delivered in a friendly, welcoming, and professional environment.

If you’ve got any questions about eyelash lift training (or any of our other training courses), call us on 0151 2036110 or send us an email at info@athenabeautytraining.co.uk.

More info on our other course offers and details of upcoming course dates: https://athenabeautytraining.co.uk/special-offers-and-course-dates/