Michelle Doughty

My name is Michelle Doughty, I live with my daughter in Chorley and have worked with the general public most of my life, either as part of a team and independently.

I left school in 1988 and embarked on a career in Hairdressing just after and I still practise to this current day. I absolutely love my job! Over the years my experience of people and the desire to help others has lead me on a path of complementary therapies alongside a journey of self discovery.

I was introduced to Usui Reiki in 2003 and decided to learn level 1 in 2005 to which soon progressed to Reiki Master. Then onto Karuna Reiki Master shortly after. I gained so much from learning Reiki it wasn’t long till my thirst for knowledge increased then I began to learn other therapies such as Indian Head Massage, body massage (taught by Athena Beauty Training Centre) , Reference Point therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. My aim was to provide my clients and students with the complete balance of mind, body and spirit. My desire for knowledge and meeting new people and engaging in different experiences never stops. I love to pass on any knowledge I have onto others to help them along their path in life! My philosophy is that anybody can learn to change and be more positive and bring more of what they want into their lives and eliminate what they don’t want, if they choose to do so.

The way I like to teach will provide students with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for learning in, I allow enough time and patience for every single students needs so at the end of the workshop they will leave feeling confident in their ability and knowledge.

Modern day life can be hectic and stressful for us all but I believe we all can benefit from balance, we all have to work but if we take a little quality time for family, friends, exercise, healthy eating, hobbies and most importantly time for ourselves; whatever that means to you, then do it and don’t feel guilty!

Do things that make you happy. If your happier then everyone else around you will be too!