Kat is a qualified, practising complementary therapy practitioner/teacher from Penkridge, Staffordshire. A long time ago, whilst working full-time as an accountant, her work colleagues paid for her to attend a Reiki course which was quickly followed by a diploma in Indian head massage and a crystal therapy course.

After spending 2 years travelling in South America, Australasia and Asia, living in Nepal for 5 months while volunteering in Kathmandu and a remote hill village, Kat returned to the UK. After experiencing many wonderful therapies overseas and seeing their effects, she changed career and re-trained full time in massage, aromatherapy and reflexology.

This was followed by Bowen therapy, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and many other spiritual and hands-on therapy qualifications over the years.

Further overseas travel incorporated training courses (including Ayurvedic treatments in India in early 2010) and Kat now offers you complementary techniques from around the world, in particular India and Thailand, to add to your toolbox!

Kara Faulkner and Kathryn HumphriesKat and her Australian business associate Donna, with the help of their Egyptian colleagues are leading a very special trip in Egypt in December 2012 for a maximum of 12 guests.

This 12 day tour coincides with the significant date 12/12/12. They endeavour to bring 12 days of wonderful adventures to assist you on your spiritual journey and growth. The tour includes a 7 night Nile Cruise and 5 days based in Luxor travelling out to sacred sites.

They will be facilitating regular meditations and practising Ancient Egyptian Alabaster Healings with the group, showing you how to access this amazing healing technique. For more details see the Facebook page ” Egypt 12/12/12 Spiritual 12 Day Tour” or visit “www.twinfeatherz.com/tours” If you have any questions , please email Kat: kat.121212@yahoo.co.uk