Acrylic Starter Nail Kit


1 X Attraction Nail Liquid 2floz

1 X  Brush Cleaner 2floz

1 X Purify Spray 2floz

1 X Nail Pure Plus 2floz

1 X Essential Bond (Acid Free) Nail Primer 15ml

1 X Attraction Radiant White Powder 7gm

1 X Attraction Purely Pink Masque Powder 7gm

1 X Polybond Adhesive 7ml

1 X  Nurture Oil 7ml

1 X  Large 3 Way Shiner

1 x  Dura File Sample Pack:

Dura File 100/100 Grit x2

Dura File 150/150 Grit x2

Dura File 180/180 Grit x2

1 X  Nail Forms 30ct

1 X Dura-Tips Natural 50ct (1-10)

1X  Dura-Tips White 50ct (1-10)

1 X Nail Wipes 250ct

1 X Large Blue Vinyl NSI Carrying Bag

1 X New NSI Catalogue

(Please note this kit excludes an acrylic  brush –  We recommend a Kolinsky 8)


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